Solis S5 10 kW 3 Phase 2 MPPT Grid Connect (S5-GR3P10K-AU (AS4777-2 2020)) – 3433

Brand – Solis
Model – S5-GR3P10K-AU (AS4777-2 2020)
System Configuration – Grid-Connected
Current Type – AC/DC
Type – Charger/Inverter
Power – 10 kW
Application – Home/Garden, Commercial, Electronics, Recreational Vehicle (RV)
Recommended Environment – Indoor/Outdoor
Power Source – Solar
Connector Type – MC4
Inverter Technology – String
Resistance Properties – Dustproof, Heat Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Water Resistant
Item Length – 310*563*219 mm

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S5-GR3P(5-25)K three-phase series string inverters are reliable preferred equipment for residential, small industrial, and commercial PV power stations. Smaller size, higher efficiency, a variety of power models are Available for selection. Adopt two MPPT access, more flexible and efficient.


Max. efficiency 98.7%

String current up to 16A

Wide voltage range and low startup voltage


AFCI protection, proactively reduces fire risk

Automatic voltage stabilization technology in weak grid condition

Support RS485, WiFi, GPRS

Scan to register on Soliscloud, support remote upgrade and control

Compact design with easy maintenance and installation

> 130% DC/AC ratio

Support large module with lower installation cost